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Reading this Report

For the Hera Group, the Sustainability Report is a primary tool for reporting on its activities and results in the economic, environmental and social fields, as well as a fundamental tool for providing information to and dialoguing with stakeholders.
Heraís Sustainability Report provides the principles which guide our actions, the performance achieved, the objectives reached compared to stated and future objectives, the results of our dialogue with stakeholders and projects in the field.

Some of the technical terms used in this document are defined in the glossary.
Within the Report, particular importance was accorded to local projects.

This Sustainability Report, the eighth published by the Hera Group, can also be viewed on the internet site www.gruppohera.it, where it can be downloaded both in Italian and English.

An accessible version of the financial statements is available on the Groupís internet site, in Italian and in English and on a USB key, which includes other documentation and details: the document indicates the issues for which additional information is available on the internet site.
This report also includes an evaluation form you can use to give us your opinion. It is extremely important for us to receive information since this will enable us to improve the content matter and presentation of the Sustainability Report. Please fill out the form and return it to us.

We hope you enjoy reading our report!

The greenhouse gas emissions created by the use of paper for the preparation of this Sustainability Report have been neutralised through the acquisition of 4 VERs (Verified Emission Reductions), voluntary reductions deriving from the forestation project in the province of Ferrara in line with the criteria of the "Parks for Kyoto" Committee.logo azzeroco2

In particular, the neutralisation was carried out by participating in a reforestation project of a 10 hectare area belonging to the province of Ferrara, in the municipalities of Codigoro and Comacchio. These interventions are part of the larger strategy implemented by the Province to increase the forest areas in the local areas it is responsible for.

This report was prepared with Blue Angel 100% recycled ecological paper (Cyclus Print) and digital photographs.

Hera is a member of Impronta Etica, an association for promoting Corporate Social Responsibility. Impronta Etica

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