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Letter from the Managing Director

Maurizio Chiarini

The Sustainability Report has by now become an instrument of management for the company, in addition to an instrument that lists the good results achieved in the areas of the environment and social responsibility. This is one of the reasons why it was approved by the Board of Directors and presented to the Shareholders’ Meeting together with the Financial Statements, as in previous years.

In 2009, our achievements make us proud, with the major achievement being the improvement in the satisfaction of our customers and employees. The surveys we periodically conduct showed an improvement in the assessments of these groups. It pleases me to stress the fact that the major improvements were achieved in relation to the aspects which we focused the most on: service quality, more closely meeting customer requirements, involvement of the workforce and attention to ecological and environmental aspects.

I would like to stress two significant results that involve the environment: the confirmed increase in separate waste collection and the imminent completion of the modernisation plan of the waste-to-energy plants. There are two aspects which have made it possible to reduce the atmospheric emissions to decidedly low levels and above all set the foundations for a concrete decrease in the use of landfills, which continues to be the disposal system that has the most impact on the environment.

These results were possible due to the determination and passion of the people involved on the one hand and on the solidity and strength of a continually developing industrial group on the other.

We would like to consider these results as the starting point from which to develop further, more ambitious goals and continue the operation of the local public services that are so deeply rooted in the territory of Emilia-Romagna.

Maurizio Chiarini
Managing Director